About Us

Instead of going on about how our company started and our history, we would like to start of by telling you why we are different from the bulk of other nutrition stores out there, what value we provide, and why you just made the right choice to allow us to serve you.

First, we ask that in addition to considering AlwaysFit Health Store as your main source for affordable, researched and credibly endorsed health supplements, we also hope you consider us as your personal companions on the journey to reach your health and lifestyle goals. Like the most respected and highly regarded porters of Mount Everest (The Sherpa People) whose service allowed those who dare, break all barriers and reach new heights, we promise to be your personal Sherpa for reaching the level of life and vitality you always knew you deserve and belong to.

Now that we have shared our vision with you, we would like to go over some specifics that will allow us to deliver our promise:

Alwaysfit is a health and lifestyle store whose main goal is to make it easier for dedicated individuals who may not have time to conduct detailed research on the best nutritional supplements, to still be able to make the right decision about what is the optimum product for their health without sacrificing a lot of time or money doing so.

We specialize in health supplements which aim at and optimize the 8 main areas responsible for a persons general well-being:

Revamping nutrition and fitness,

Balancing hormones,

Reducing inflammation throughout the body,

Fixing digestive tract problems,

Enhancing the body’s detoxification,

Boosting energy metabolism,

Calming the mind, and

Improving sexual functions.

This approach to well-being is modeled based on cutting-edge scientific research that is supporting an improved approach for healthcare that is sweeping the medical community. Research is uncovering over and over again a main error in the current system of medicine. This error can be summarized by the approach that is based on a the idea of labeling a disease and giving it a drug. Although no one can deny the benifits of modern medicine and its achievement in saving millions, unfortunately we still have ways to go. Many of the drugs that are prescribed these days are essentially working to eliminate the symptom not the root cause of the disease, in other words some prescribed drugs are acting as band-aids to the real problem. The research findings now support the approach for finding what’s functionally causing the patient’s symptoms (hence the field of functional medicine), then work to correct that root cause in order to bring the body back to optimum function.

We are a source for information on some of the latest scientific findings that pertain to the 8 main areas of well being mentioned above as well your source for the health products that allow for optimizing those areas.

Once you have figured out the root cause of your problem either through a certified health practitioner or through research, Alwaysfit will be your one stop source for the trusted supplements and solutions you seek. Since we know you have already spent a lot of time trying to find the cause for your discomfort, we will be a shortcut that eliminates the time required to conduct further research and spend more time trying to find the optimum product. We may not always have the product in stock, or available, due to the nature of being able to become suppliers, however we will always try to be as objective as possible and inform you what that product may be while offering the best alternative.

If you chose us, we promise to leave you with better health, more time, and more money!

We are dedicated science graduates who have started this project during our college years as a way to make extra money while using our specialized scientific knowledge to give back to the college community we live in. We were seeing many of our peers ordering supplements that had nothing to back their effectiveness but a good marketing team throwing around catchy phrases in attempt to make a sale. Others were purchasing supplements that were legitimately proven improve well being but they were really purchasing from un-trusted brands just because they were little cheaper, obviously, there werea minority of students who could afford high quality brands that delivered their promise of effectiveness, however those were too pricy for your typical college student.

Something was wrong in all three cases. We understood the financial struggle of the average college student and so we decided to find and bring about a solution to the main problem at hand, we decided to be the bridge between trusted healthcare products and affordable prices. The AlwaysFit team was able to negotiate deals on the behalf of college students and provide, to our campus and student body, deals that were not available elsewhere.

Our background and start is the main reason you will notice that Alwaysfit Health Store will be providing even bigger discounts (at minimal profit) to college students, we believe that a healthy body has the potential to change the world to the better, we also believe in giving back and being part of this change, and what is a better a population to help put those two principles to action than college students who are financially struggling and are literally the future of the world?

Our Mission Statement

To diligently research, shed a light on, and provide easy affordable access to the highest quality health solutions on the market. Solutions that, if applied, result in optimum physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We ultimately work to make it easier, in such a fast paced world,  for our customers to reach decisions that will make them happy with their health and as a result help shape a better world.